Friday, October 31, 2014

Money, Money, Money - Always Sunny In The Rich Man's World...

     Who did not dance to the famous Abba song? Indeed, we did have a ball dancing and playing. Yesterday I read an article in Forbes magazine "Forbes 400: America's  Richest People." The Forbes goes into details about the top 25 people on the list. I read it twice, and this is what I found out:

In the top 25 Richest People in America 2014:
  • 22 Are Man
  • 16 of which are self-made
  • 3 women only
  • Women source of wealth - inheritance
  • Top 3 spots belong to self-made 
Isn't that interesting? Why there are only 3 women up at the top? And why is it that these women inherited money. There is nothing wrong with inheritance. However, I think a picture emerges from this that men tend to be motivated to become rich more then women. Or is it the culture that does not promote women? Could that be that the female attitude towards money has to do something with this?

What would happen if I said I want to be stinking rich? Which in Today's standard is not a joke. The richest have a budget of a small country. This year only the entry to the Richest list requirement is 1.55B ( like in Billions) of dollars. They say that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. I must say, since I am reading a lot on a subject of money recently I know that it takes money to make money. If the rich have money they invest, and so the money multiply and they become even richer. Does it make them bad? Wouldn't you do the same? I know I would.  
Usually, with this rich getting richer message emotions are little different. The implication here is that the rich are somehow mean and bad people and poor are poor good people. The traces of this attitude could be found in the Bible. With all this associations over our head it is possible to associate bad people with money good people with lack of money. We girls, want to be nice and liked, don't we? 
     Then I had a thought; perhaps our spending patterns may have something to do with it? I am guilty of crazy clothing shopping myself. I collect dresses. There is something magical about a girl in a dress. It is sexy, it is feminine. A dress adds special flare to a date or anything we do. At the same time dresses are easy to wear as only you need to do is add the shoes and bag and viola! Complete outfit in no time. Whenever I see a dress that speaks to me I have to have it. All 240 of my dresses spoke to me at some point and now we are big happy family. Today however, if I was doing a mathematics of the dollars in my closet - my car would have been paid off. Or I could have had a nice sum of cash to invest. Carrie said it right:
Aren't we shooting yourselves in a foot? I know that my 2015 will be no shopping year. This will be an experiment to see how much really a girl could save? Is it substantial enough that the money could be set to grow for us? We will find out...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Early Girl Gets The Reward

     As every girl I need my beauty sleep. I like sleeping, possibly too much. They say " early bird gets the worm." I say the early bird is very tired. In fact, I do have multiple alarms set on my phone, every five minutes so that I'll at some point wake up.

     On most days however, I will get up early. 60 minutes earlier then my daughter, when the house is quiet. I brew a fresh cup of coffee and start my day. This is what Brian Tracy calls the "golden hour." Please don't get me wrong - I don't like waking up at all. However, if I do, the morning hour of mine is very productive. This idea of famous Brian is truly golden. Just 60 minutes of quiet and focused time can do wonders. This is when I write my blog. This is when I plan my day or week. This is time when I work on my finances. During the day time to accomplish any of those tasks require much more time since million things compete for my attention. In the morning, the power of true focus shines. I get done tons of important things. Not to mention that fresh brain is full of creative juices. The morning is the brilliant idea time - you are much more likely to come up with solution for whatever it is that bother you then at other times. If you lucky enough, that you don't have tons of stuff that await your attention - this hour may by utilize for inspiration. An original idea of Mr. Tracy really - to use the first hour of your day to read something inspirational. I must say though the golden hour however is not the Facebook time...

I think you should try it. Let me know how is it working for you?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Good Habit Is The Girl Best Friend

     Long time ago I had a discussion with a friend who told me that in his house the dinners are planned something like that:
Monday - pasta
Tuesday - chicken
Wednesday - soup
Thursday - chicken
Friday - beef
Saturday - fish
Sunday - leftovers. 
I was appalled and we had long debate on how not exciting and boring that must be. Naturally, my friends was defending his ways.Needless to say we could not see through the same eyes. That was more than ten years ago. I did not give any thought to the conversation until couple years later. Before I had my daughter, I was working as a manager at a certain company. One of my duties was to be there before the employees to open the offices and magazines up. Every morning as I was ready to leave I would search for 45 minutes for my wallet and my keys. No kidding! Every morning the same!!! Oblivious to the amounts of time I was loosing I went about my happy way. Until I read study on people just like me loosing stuff and constantly searching for it devote about two weeks of their live each year to this nonsense activity. I didn't need to do my math to realize that was true for me too. I was working very hard, two weeks vacation lost because I am stupid? It's ridiculous! The keys and the wallet were the beginning of being organized as well as discovering the power of habit.    

     My mornings at my home were very hectic, especially after I had my daughter. My method now is to simplify and create a system for easiness. For example: morning today is very calm. I wake up at 6:00 AM, go wash, exercise for 10 minutes. Make coffee and utilize my golden hour doing whatever project I am dedicated to at the time. At 7:00 AM I wake up my daughter, prepare her clothes and send her off to wash. I meanwhile prepare a breakfast. The first meal in my house is always the same: its either frozen pancakes that take 45 seconds in the microwave or waffles that I bake every Sunday and freeze. She eats, I put my makeup on. After she is done its time for shoes, doing hair. I dress and we are ready. Outside we go for a bus. All this in 45 minutes. The best part is that I got it down to a system and so: 
I am on autopilot.
Stress is reduced.
My daughter cooperates reasonably.
She knows exactly whats coming.
Time saving.

     After success of building one habit I started working on additional little life improvement strategies. Today, my skin routine is a habit and my skin finally is manageable. My golden hour is a habit, which is amazing regarding building my business.  So far I am working on exercise habit. Its a work in progress at this point I must admit. However, I hope that I'll manage to create a habit so my body is up to its perfection.
The habit of everyday makeup - fabulous. Make sure it goes with habit of removing makeup every night :)

     They say it takes doing something 21 times to create a habit. From my experience I know it takes 30 days. We need to repeat a task 30 times to be able to do it thinking-less. It is a major effort since I must say, the habits we are trying to establish aren't the most exciting. If they were exciting it would not be a struggle, right? Nevertheless, it is worth try especially in bothersome tasks. Skin care and exercise in particular; these little rituals performed every day over long period of time do add up. Think of the bad habits that created themselves out of blue but the consequences over time are damaging. Smoking, drinking, not removing your makeup before bedtime. Does it ring a bell? Create a list of three good habits that you would like to create to make your life easier. I swear very girl should try it.      

I would love to hear from you, which three habits would you like to create. Kindly comment below.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No Better Day Than Today


     Worry, worry, worry - every morning, afternoon and evening. Girls have a tendency to worry about everything, but money especially. Will I have enough to cover my rent, will I manage to pay my credit card, will I have money for car maintenance, for hairdresser ect. ect. I am no exception, I worry about my school, about my daughter, I worry about my family members, I worry about bills - you get the picture. Can we somehow stop this ?

     My friend suggested a book to read: "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie. I started to read and there are couple of ideas how to analyze your worries in a different light. One idea however, got me really thinking. Live in compartments of today. If you take one day at the time then the worry is lesser since it concerns this one day. I must admit I understand the concept only in terms of not wasting time agonizing about future. At the same time, I have to say: today is only a small part of this big picture called life. If we have a big list of goals how reasonable is such isolation? If you fail to plan you plan to fail - they say thus one day compartments seems like a shortsighted planning. I must say I need to test this one day thing for longer period of time and get back to you. Perhaps there is something I am not getting - blonde (I cannot help it.)

     One advice to stop worrying that I absolutely adore and I have been practicing instinctively for years; get busy! Every time I am freaking out about something I am trying to get busy as much as humanly possible. For me it has to be physical work, passive activity such as reading book won't do it. Luckily for me there is always tons of work around my house. Whenever worry or negative thoughts get the best of me I roll up my sleeves and of I go. In addition to worrying there are  moments when I feel sorry for myself - I know its pathetic but I cannot help it. I try to go and help less fortunate to change the perspective. How can I feel sorry for myself if there are people who have no food on the table. My organization of choice is Food Bank, where I have been volunteering since 2011. It puts things in proper perspective...

     All this helps to defuse the worry. But still leaves the question: what about the nights? You can get as busy as you want, and volunteer all day long, but at some point you need to come to bed. These are the worst, as evenings are when the unwanted thinking starts to creep back. Does anyone has a solution to that? Alcohol? Ha! Ha! Ha!  

     On a side note, worry is not pretty. Literally! When I have the periods of worrying my skin seems to get nervous to and not only I get breakouts, but also the color changes into unattractive reddish hue. I have no methods of fighting with this, other than not showing my face in public.

     Have you read this book? Did it help? Kindly let me know in a comment below.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Girl's Priorities And The Dreaded NO

     Morning in my house; fighting with my daughter to get up, while making a breakfast. Drinking coffee with one hand while brushing her hair. Making sure that her backpack is packed well, making sure that my bag is packed at the same time. All of this in a span of 45 minutes. I want to pull my hair out every morning. Once I put her on a bus, it isn't over at all. Quite the opposite it's true as I need to run to school, and try to catch up with whatever it is that I did not manged to do. The list is never ending and the stress is growing. This is exhausting so I started to think if there is any way out of the madness? It seems that with all the demands from outside, even harder demands that I place on myself and forever growing to do list - there is no way out. Or is there?

     Power of "NO!" Indeed, no is a powerful word, nonetheless, it seems that many girls have deleted it from their vocabulary. I know I don't use enough of no myself. It is not easy to say no because:
- we want to be accepted and liked.
- we truly want to help.
- we think we can multitask much better that we actually can.
- the "good girl" syndrome.
- the "super woman" syndrome.
- and lastly how to decide what do say no to?

     For me personally, it has been long road and quite frankly still is the ability to say no. First, it started when I was working three jobs and going to school full time. I was so exhausted that I was afraid I will collapse. Back then, the dreaded no was necessity or otherwise the price would have been my health. Very dramatic I must admit but it started the process of no. Today, I am much better as saying this little word but I still find my obligations are never-ending. I don't have even time to take care of myself properly - me not likey this. So, after another sleepless night, too much apple pie and thinking I figured that not only will I use no much more but also when will I use it.

    World is not perfect, we will never be perfect, our kids and houses will never be perfect regardless of how much we try. The true question here is: What imperfections are the ones that you could live with? In other words; pick your battles. I picked mine.
#1. At this time, my daughter and my schooling is number one.
#2. Building my business and financial education is number two.
#3. Time with my girlfriends.
#4. Chores around the house follow after.
Everything else, oh well, if I manage to find free time I may do it, but please don't rely on it. If I will by some miracle find any free time I intend to use it for myself. I am sorry but I want to be happy and spoiled a little too...

How do you deal with all the demands? Is is easier to say "NO?" 
Please let me know in a comment below. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Power Of Girl To Girl Friendship


 "The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends." said famously Gwyneth Patrow. Power of good girlfriends by your site is enormous. The truth is life is better when a girl has a girlfriends around. In good times the laughs will cascade with your girls and in the worst the tears are not as bad. No one can underestimate the power of girl closeness.

     Boyfriends come and go, girlfriends stay forever - or until you really badly screw up. We are all guilty of that. How often, when a boyfriend shows up on the horizon we become less and less available to our girls? I know I am guilty of that. There is new love, the butterfly feeling in your stomach, the novelty of romance. Who doesn't like romance? We let our self get suck into loveville in no time - the fairy tale story begins. In all of this our girlfriends get occasional update from your paradise and that's about it. Usually, your girls are not happy about being put aside but they will tolerate because they are your friends. The love you dearly and want you to be happy. But let me ask you this does he stop watching Sunday football with him buddies because now you are in his life?

     Friendship is a two-way road, you scratch my back I will scratch yours. This is how it works. Good girlfriends are so rare to come by that is paramount that we care for the precious relationship that we have. In a perfect world that is how would be - sadly we don't live in perfect world. This is from purely my observation: relationships between girls are very complicated. Who hasn't heard or worst lived throught the story of two girls who started as BFF just to end up as frienemies? This is my story, there was a girl at school that I had some sort of friendship - so I thought. Just to learn later that not only she steals my ideas but she goes around and talks about me. One awkward time, we spend the evening from hell together. She would try to stir something up with me on numerous occasions that night. I am older and wiser and I didn't not fall for it. Regardless, my evening was ruined and naturally I was not too pleased. After getting home, the whole situation got me thinking. Why is she trying to belittle me? I would somewhat understand this kind of behavior if we were competing for something life. Let me make it crystal clear : we do not compete at ANY level of life whatsoever. Then I had this thought; there always be the girls who will try to undermine whatever you doing. How often we observe one girl digging holes under another. What this is all about? Being a girl is already hard as it is, we have to fight for jobs, to get paid the same what man, we have to fight with our kids and keep our homes in order. Doing all of this graciously while on perpetual diet to look skinny, with never ending to do list and bag of makeup trick size of a small car. It is required for for our houses to be clean, us to look fabulous, our kids to be geniuses, our coworkers to be able to rely on us - in only 24 hour day. Life of a girl is hard. There is no point of adding to this list nonsense with another girl.

     I, personally, have minimal free time. As a single mother and full-time student my hands are truly full. The very little of free time that I have I want to make it count. I want to spend with my true girlfriends, all this lets stir things up crap can go and get lost - I have no time to entertain nonsense anyway. Life is easier and funnier if you go through it with another girl who understands your ups and downs and possible sideways that life generously throws at us. If, you are lucky to have authentic friendships in your life, make sure that you find the time to cherish them.True girlfriend is precious.

     For inspiration listen to a song by Kenny Rogers - " You Can't Make Old Friends."  
You can listen to the song here

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Do You Love The Skin You're In?

     They say there is no second chance for first impression, and unfortunately they are right. First impressions are very important. It got me thinking what is the equation for first impressions and how do we make it work in our favor? We have two components to the first impression;
1.) how do you feel about yourself that moment and
2.) how the other person feels at the moment.
Let me explain; we all have good hair days and bad hair days. This affects how we feel and as result our self-confidence level. Confident person will make different first impression than the sly one. The other person in the equation may be in crappy mood which will shed the ugly light on your introduction. This is beyond your control so there is no point to worry about the other person in equation.

     That leads to a question: what is it this self-confidence and how do we get it? According to the dictionary: self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. Trust in one abilities we usually have, girls are usually less confident in their abilities as we are thought to be modest (how unfortunate). However one thing I know for sure; if I look good I feel confident. This seems to work for other girls too. It is uneasy to feel confident and/or sexy if you look like crap. Murphy's Law the crappier you look the bigger the chance to bump into your ex. 

     In my opinion a good skin is an absolute must to feel good therefore confident. No amount of make up will cover unhealthy skin. In fact, I have been struggling with acne and problematic skin since I can remember. I finally, managed to get the look of my skin somewhat under control. I must admit on the days when my skin cooperates I feel like a star. These days, however are not frequent. After about 20 years ( yes, I am in my 30's) of trying million products, and treatments, countless research and simple trial and error I found a way to make my skin the best in can be.
     This is what I found out: 
Water: number one is drinking water. It can do wonders for your skin and the best it is for free. I must admit that as simple as it sounds it is far from simple. First thing in the morning, as I open my eyes I make a coffee. It's a ritual that I have been following for also about 17 years. Coffee is a diuretic which means that it takes water away from your body. I have to constantly remind myself to drink water. The biggest challenge I found to drink precious liquid is when I am outside. I need an access to the bathroom - bad! Somehow, girls got a short end of the stick here too. How many times I see a guy drinking four beers before he needs to go to the little boys room, I, on the other hand won't even go to half of my first beer when the trips to" powder my nose" start. As a result my water intake is limited, which in turn makes my skin dehydrated The problems start to escalate from there. I am currently working to include more water. I will let you know how this is going. So far not too promising to be honest.
Creams: it may be just me but spending hundreds of dollars did not make a difference in my skin. I noticed that what I do need is simple moisturizing cream with SPF. This is it. It works just as perfect as a cream for $75. That may not be true for everyone but for me it is. I buy a cream for about $10-20 and saved money go towards hanging out with friends...
Serums: this ones I swear by. Love serums! I started to using them about two years ago but I can feel a difference. I think the concentrated nourishment does the trick -my skin absorbs better. 
Diet: this one cannot be undermined. Healthy diet is a must! Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help out the skin but also the body overall. I will write about this in later posts. It is a big subject and I am a nutritionist after all. 

     My confidence comes from how my skin look. This is not true for everyone, my sister confidence comes from how her hair looks. I genuinely think she has tried all hair cosmetics on the market. I, naturally benefit from that as I get the first hand advice what works what does not. Thanks sis :)

    I would love to hear from you:
 Let me know what makes you feel you could take on the world?   

Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Lipstick Goes a Long Way


     Men and women are equal there is nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot do.The premise here is we are equal and so we deserve equal pay. I love idea and I absolutely think that woman or man at the same job should get the same pay. No exceptions!!!
     But are we truly equal? I don't think so. We, the girls, have boobies and hips, we have periods every month and we deliver the babies. The fat content in our bodies is much higher than that of a man. We think differently too. Here is an idea; if we are different, visibly different - why don't we celebrate it?

     Little lipstick on my lips makes me feel little more special, makes me feel more daring, or more seductive. Lips can talk can sing, eat and drink wine. Lips declare love and or war. Lips are the frame for your smile and there is nothing more sexy than smiling girl. You can drive your man crazy with your lips or tell him off. You can pout or send air kisses to your child. Lips can express tons, do millions every day. So celebrate your lips...

     There was time, not so long ago, when lipstick was outdated and was connected to older crowd. I am happy to say that this is no longer true. The lipsticks of today and creamy, moisturizing , luxurious with SPF included.

A guide to lipstick color picks:
Pink is when you want to feel girly and softer.
Red is for here I am, very sexy.
Nude is look into my eyes and soul.
Brownish hues are classic (gotta have perfect white teeth)
Purple is statement I am avangarde - one in a million.

So, girl put your lipstick on... 
My absolute favourite is:
Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Pink Renewal. Makes me feel sexy and girly - I absolutely adore it. It is only $9 - cannot beat that.

What is your favorite one? How does it make you feel? Please comment and let me know.

If you are interested to look at this one, or browse other possibilities check the link below:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Smart Dumb Or Dumb Smart?

     Education is a key, education is very important - this is repeated mantra by almost every person. Especially today, in uncertain economy, whenever I watch Tv the amount of college adds is disturbing. Full disclosure here: I am college graduate therefore I am so-called educated. In spite of education, I find myself making such dumb decisions that it got me thinking. In America obtaining education costs lots of money, they say it is best to invest in yourself. Or is it?
Modigliani paining

     I know tons of people who invested in themselves but there is no return on investment. Couple of girls that  I know are rather dumb despite being A student. I also know C students who are smart and their life seems to be a smooth sail from one smart decision to another. In addition I know very smart students who are stuck in a career that does not pay the salary. Not every girl wants money, I get it. However, the student debt does not get it. The money that were eaten must be vomited back with interest. That makes me question what is smart and what is not so smart.

     Going to school for some "standard" job seems to be waste of time and money to me. All clerks, and assistants will learn necessary skills on the job anyway. Unless, what you are doing is highly specialized do you really need to go to school?
     As said previously, I went to school and I made dumb decisions as a result my life is far from what I want. I have been thinking long and hard about my situation and a plan how to go where I want to be was born. Deep analysis of situation made me realize that in spite of graduating with honors I am now honorably poor. To my surprise I found out which knowledge is it that I am lacking - finances. Surprise surprise ! Shall I go back to school to get financial education and inquire some more debt? It seems counterproductive. Perhaps there is a better way? Perhaps there is a free way?

     Then I thought; what about the old fashion library. Does it matter what way the information entered your brain? If a professor has read it from a power-point or whether you read it yourself does it change the value of the info? To me the answer is simple; not at all. In fact, taking couple of courses right now I must admit that one of them is pretty much self taught course as professor is useless. The difference is that I paid for it. Again, for specificity you may need this paper, a proof that you sat in this or that course. Nevertheless bottom line is that the actual knowledge that a girl may use is very often not offered in colleges. We pay big bucks for the idea that without this we won't be worth of hire. Very often to find out, that the paper has not really helped the process much. It help to dig your debt hole...
     Anyone who watches "Project Runway" can see that most of the designers, are self taught. What about all the forever popular stories of college dropouts that are major success stories in the world of business or other field today?

     So maybe instead we, the girls should think long and hard about what it is that we want and then draw a possible way of obtaining it. Gaining some, very needed, financial education along the way. especially, that it is women that retire usually retire much poorer that men. Sad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fashion Victim Or Fashionably Free?

     Fashion - without a doubt fashion fascinates and scares people. We find girls that are so fashion forward that they look like a space travelers and girls who don't even try that they look homeless. From the popularity of numbers of blogs about fashion to the industry magazines it is clear that we like to get a peak into the world of fashionable and fabulous.
Pierre Cardin designs

     Fashion is a way to introduce yourself without saying a word. In fact, it is our fashion choices that our subconscious mind scans in conjunction with body language to decide if we click together or not. Please don't get me wrong, its not the labels or prices of items that are noticeable but cut, color and texture. Whether a girl pays attention to what she is putting on or not - the message is still going out there. What does it say?
     I absolutely love clothes, However, I am very far from being fashion forward. In fact I think that fashion backwards is more accurate description. My choices usually are vintage, especially 60's & 70's. It's not that I wear these dresses everyday ( I wish I could play dress up every day), only on occasion unfortunately. The more I think about it the more I come to realize that "saving" the best for last is plainly stupid. I want to wear all my clothes I deserve to wear my best outfits, don't I? It requires a mental jump for me to wear my best instead my worst hoping that one day the moment to shine will come. What if it does not?

     How do you put your outfits together? Kindly let me know if you too save your best for last?      

Monday, October 20, 2014

So Many Decisions So Little Time

     From the moment we open our eyes it is decision time. Shall I get up or stay in bed? Shall I eat breakfast or just coffee will do? To dress up or not dress up? Simple questions that require an answer and complex questions that require an answer too. Sometimes life answer for us, or an employer makes decision. Regardless, we still have major input into what is going on.
     I am not happy with where my life is right now. So, I decided to take my life into my own hands. Mostly finances are of my concern. A little disclosure: I am not starving, nor am I homeless. At the same time if I see a dress that I really like, I need to think long and hard if I shall buy it. Or unexpected costs such as tires in a car or surprise dental work make a havoc on my financial situation. This is something that bothers me as well as makes me worry constantly. Not to mention the alarming fact that it is mostly women that are below poverty line as well as it is women whose retirement accounts are very little leaving them in a financial uncertainty.
     I don't want to be that woman. Yet, I have only 15 years to make it happen. 15 years to have a financial freedom is little time. It's not impossible but it is not going to be easy. I made the decision. I am starting the journey...
     What is your decisions like? Do you feel that you run your life or is it the other way around? Is there a decision strategy that works for you?
Please let me know in comments...
Salvador Dali - Gala and the tigers

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Is More Valuable: Time Or Money?

     They say: time is money. It makes me wonder is that right? If time is money, then people who have no time should have money and people who have time should not have the money. But from my observations this seems not to be true at all. I know people who have time and money, and I know people who have no time and no money. If one analyzes the actual principle behind time is money it makes sense only in certain professions like lawyers where they bill you for 5 minutes of their time. Or in a very conservative way of investing in CD (certificate of deposit) where person gives money to a bank and in return bank promises to give it back to that person the money plus the interest occurred over agreed period of time.
     There is little sense to this saying time is money, if a girl combines wisdom and many philosophies out there. Free time could be turned into activity that may bring money, but only if one chooses to do so consciously. Free time can be happiness when is devoted to these people that make us happy. Free time could mean beauty - beauty treatment at home or at spa or even beauty sleep.
     There is surely value in free time. Free time is a commodity that we all wish we had.Can we buy it? Probably not...
    Here is the thing: if you lost all your money, just like people are loosing their 401K  it today's economy, could you rebuild it? The answer is; probably. What is you lost 5 years of your life could you rebuild it? The answer is, you guessed it; NEVER!!!

Salvatore Dali painting of a clock.

So, girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. I think girls should not only invest the money very wisely, but also their time. We only look good now, with time there will be changes that we may not appreciate. Invest time in yourself, invest your  money too.... 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Business Babe

     Girls wanna have fun - sings Cyndi Lauper in 1983. Fast forward to 2014 and even though this is still true most of girls have no money or no time to follow this advice from our girl. In fact, sometimes we don't have both neither time nor money. I was one of the girls that would complain about the current economy and lack of prince Charming out there - I decided to be my own prince and safe myself.
     This is what this blog will be all about. A journey from net worth of $ -84000 to hopefully financial freedom. Unfortunately, I am not a spring chicken anymore, even if I feel young at heart. I am not American either, which you can probably tell by my English. However, living in this land of opportunity for many years now.
     I feel like girls don't have the upper hand when dealing with money. At least I am, I was taught to be the nice girl not only by my parents but also by the culture where I come from. This valuable lessons proved to be actually worthless.
     Finally, after endless nights of financial worry and lack of time to do anything - I got so frustrated that the time to take my destiny has arrived. Even if I am scared to be honest to embark on this journey, my frustrations are so high that I will do it whatever it takes to get out of the debt and start living.