Friday, October 17, 2014

Business Babe

     Girls wanna have fun - sings Cyndi Lauper in 1983. Fast forward to 2014 and even though this is still true most of girls have no money or no time to follow this advice from our girl. In fact, sometimes we don't have both neither time nor money. I was one of the girls that would complain about the current economy and lack of prince Charming out there - I decided to be my own prince and safe myself.
     This is what this blog will be all about. A journey from net worth of $ -84000 to hopefully financial freedom. Unfortunately, I am not a spring chicken anymore, even if I feel young at heart. I am not American either, which you can probably tell by my English. However, living in this land of opportunity for many years now.
     I feel like girls don't have the upper hand when dealing with money. At least I am, I was taught to be the nice girl not only by my parents but also by the culture where I come from. This valuable lessons proved to be actually worthless.
     Finally, after endless nights of financial worry and lack of time to do anything - I got so frustrated that the time to take my destiny has arrived. Even if I am scared to be honest to embark on this journey, my frustrations are so high that I will do it whatever it takes to get out of the debt and start living.


  1. Good luck.
    you are not alone with debts and being scared. :/

    1. Thank you. That is true, I realize that many women are in this situation. Sad fact is that the poverty statistics are mostly women. It is us who stay behind with kids and take the economic hit for that...