Saturday, October 25, 2014

Do You Love The Skin You're In?

     They say there is no second chance for first impression, and unfortunately they are right. First impressions are very important. It got me thinking what is the equation for first impressions and how do we make it work in our favor? We have two components to the first impression;
1.) how do you feel about yourself that moment and
2.) how the other person feels at the moment.
Let me explain; we all have good hair days and bad hair days. This affects how we feel and as result our self-confidence level. Confident person will make different first impression than the sly one. The other person in the equation may be in crappy mood which will shed the ugly light on your introduction. This is beyond your control so there is no point to worry about the other person in equation.

     That leads to a question: what is it this self-confidence and how do we get it? According to the dictionary: self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. Trust in one abilities we usually have, girls are usually less confident in their abilities as we are thought to be modest (how unfortunate). However one thing I know for sure; if I look good I feel confident. This seems to work for other girls too. It is uneasy to feel confident and/or sexy if you look like crap. Murphy's Law the crappier you look the bigger the chance to bump into your ex. 

     In my opinion a good skin is an absolute must to feel good therefore confident. No amount of make up will cover unhealthy skin. In fact, I have been struggling with acne and problematic skin since I can remember. I finally, managed to get the look of my skin somewhat under control. I must admit on the days when my skin cooperates I feel like a star. These days, however are not frequent. After about 20 years ( yes, I am in my 30's) of trying million products, and treatments, countless research and simple trial and error I found a way to make my skin the best in can be.
     This is what I found out: 
Water: number one is drinking water. It can do wonders for your skin and the best it is for free. I must admit that as simple as it sounds it is far from simple. First thing in the morning, as I open my eyes I make a coffee. It's a ritual that I have been following for also about 17 years. Coffee is a diuretic which means that it takes water away from your body. I have to constantly remind myself to drink water. The biggest challenge I found to drink precious liquid is when I am outside. I need an access to the bathroom - bad! Somehow, girls got a short end of the stick here too. How many times I see a guy drinking four beers before he needs to go to the little boys room, I, on the other hand won't even go to half of my first beer when the trips to" powder my nose" start. As a result my water intake is limited, which in turn makes my skin dehydrated The problems start to escalate from there. I am currently working to include more water. I will let you know how this is going. So far not too promising to be honest.
Creams: it may be just me but spending hundreds of dollars did not make a difference in my skin. I noticed that what I do need is simple moisturizing cream with SPF. This is it. It works just as perfect as a cream for $75. That may not be true for everyone but for me it is. I buy a cream for about $10-20 and saved money go towards hanging out with friends...
Serums: this ones I swear by. Love serums! I started to using them about two years ago but I can feel a difference. I think the concentrated nourishment does the trick -my skin absorbs better. 
Diet: this one cannot be undermined. Healthy diet is a must! Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help out the skin but also the body overall. I will write about this in later posts. It is a big subject and I am a nutritionist after all. 

     My confidence comes from how my skin look. This is not true for everyone, my sister confidence comes from how her hair looks. I genuinely think she has tried all hair cosmetics on the market. I, naturally benefit from that as I get the first hand advice what works what does not. Thanks sis :)

    I would love to hear from you:
 Let me know what makes you feel you could take on the world?   

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  1. Strength. After work out with weights I am exhausted but at the same time I feel good :)