Thursday, October 30, 2014

Early Girl Gets The Reward

     As every girl I need my beauty sleep. I like sleeping, possibly too much. They say " early bird gets the worm." I say the early bird is very tired. In fact, I do have multiple alarms set on my phone, every five minutes so that I'll at some point wake up.

     On most days however, I will get up early. 60 minutes earlier then my daughter, when the house is quiet. I brew a fresh cup of coffee and start my day. This is what Brian Tracy calls the "golden hour." Please don't get me wrong - I don't like waking up at all. However, if I do, the morning hour of mine is very productive. This idea of famous Brian is truly golden. Just 60 minutes of quiet and focused time can do wonders. This is when I write my blog. This is when I plan my day or week. This is time when I work on my finances. During the day time to accomplish any of those tasks require much more time since million things compete for my attention. In the morning, the power of true focus shines. I get done tons of important things. Not to mention that fresh brain is full of creative juices. The morning is the brilliant idea time - you are much more likely to come up with solution for whatever it is that bother you then at other times. If you lucky enough, that you don't have tons of stuff that await your attention - this hour may by utilize for inspiration. An original idea of Mr. Tracy really - to use the first hour of your day to read something inspirational. I must say though the golden hour however is not the Facebook time...

I think you should try it. Let me know how is it working for you?