Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fashion Victim Or Fashionably Free?

     Fashion - without a doubt fashion fascinates and scares people. We find girls that are so fashion forward that they look like a space travelers and girls who don't even try that they look homeless. From the popularity of numbers of blogs about fashion to the industry magazines it is clear that we like to get a peak into the world of fashionable and fabulous.
Pierre Cardin designs

     Fashion is a way to introduce yourself without saying a word. In fact, it is our fashion choices that our subconscious mind scans in conjunction with body language to decide if we click together or not. Please don't get me wrong, its not the labels or prices of items that are noticeable but cut, color and texture. Whether a girl pays attention to what she is putting on or not - the message is still going out there. What does it say?
     I absolutely love clothes, However, I am very far from being fashion forward. In fact I think that fashion backwards is more accurate description. My choices usually are vintage, especially 60's & 70's. It's not that I wear these dresses everyday ( I wish I could play dress up every day), only on occasion unfortunately. The more I think about it the more I come to realize that "saving" the best for last is plainly stupid. I want to wear all my clothes I deserve to wear my best outfits, don't I? It requires a mental jump for me to wear my best instead my worst hoping that one day the moment to shine will come. What if it does not?

     How do you put your outfits together? Kindly let me know if you too save your best for last?      

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