Monday, October 27, 2014

Girl's Priorities And The Dreaded NO

     Morning in my house; fighting with my daughter to get up, while making a breakfast. Drinking coffee with one hand while brushing her hair. Making sure that her backpack is packed well, making sure that my bag is packed at the same time. All of this in a span of 45 minutes. I want to pull my hair out every morning. Once I put her on a bus, it isn't over at all. Quite the opposite it's true as I need to run to school, and try to catch up with whatever it is that I did not manged to do. The list is never ending and the stress is growing. This is exhausting so I started to think if there is any way out of the madness? It seems that with all the demands from outside, even harder demands that I place on myself and forever growing to do list - there is no way out. Or is there?

     Power of "NO!" Indeed, no is a powerful word, nonetheless, it seems that many girls have deleted it from their vocabulary. I know I don't use enough of no myself. It is not easy to say no because:
- we want to be accepted and liked.
- we truly want to help.
- we think we can multitask much better that we actually can.
- the "good girl" syndrome.
- the "super woman" syndrome.
- and lastly how to decide what do say no to?

     For me personally, it has been long road and quite frankly still is the ability to say no. First, it started when I was working three jobs and going to school full time. I was so exhausted that I was afraid I will collapse. Back then, the dreaded no was necessity or otherwise the price would have been my health. Very dramatic I must admit but it started the process of no. Today, I am much better as saying this little word but I still find my obligations are never-ending. I don't have even time to take care of myself properly - me not likey this. So, after another sleepless night, too much apple pie and thinking I figured that not only will I use no much more but also when will I use it.

    World is not perfect, we will never be perfect, our kids and houses will never be perfect regardless of how much we try. The true question here is: What imperfections are the ones that you could live with? In other words; pick your battles. I picked mine.
#1. At this time, my daughter and my schooling is number one.
#2. Building my business and financial education is number two.
#3. Time with my girlfriends.
#4. Chores around the house follow after.
Everything else, oh well, if I manage to find free time I may do it, but please don't rely on it. If I will by some miracle find any free time I intend to use it for myself. I am sorry but I want to be happy and spoiled a little too...

How do you deal with all the demands? Is is easier to say "NO?" 
Please let me know in a comment below. 

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