Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Good Habit Is The Girl Best Friend

     Long time ago I had a discussion with a friend who told me that in his house the dinners are planned something like that:
Monday - pasta
Tuesday - chicken
Wednesday - soup
Thursday - chicken
Friday - beef
Saturday - fish
Sunday - leftovers. 
I was appalled and we had long debate on how not exciting and boring that must be. Naturally, my friends was defending his ways.Needless to say we could not see through the same eyes. That was more than ten years ago. I did not give any thought to the conversation until couple years later. Before I had my daughter, I was working as a manager at a certain company. One of my duties was to be there before the employees to open the offices and magazines up. Every morning as I was ready to leave I would search for 45 minutes for my wallet and my keys. No kidding! Every morning the same!!! Oblivious to the amounts of time I was loosing I went about my happy way. Until I read study on people just like me loosing stuff and constantly searching for it devote about two weeks of their live each year to this nonsense activity. I didn't need to do my math to realize that was true for me too. I was working very hard, two weeks vacation lost because I am stupid? It's ridiculous! The keys and the wallet were the beginning of being organized as well as discovering the power of habit.    

     My mornings at my home were very hectic, especially after I had my daughter. My method now is to simplify and create a system for easiness. For example: morning today is very calm. I wake up at 6:00 AM, go wash, exercise for 10 minutes. Make coffee and utilize my golden hour doing whatever project I am dedicated to at the time. At 7:00 AM I wake up my daughter, prepare her clothes and send her off to wash. I meanwhile prepare a breakfast. The first meal in my house is always the same: its either frozen pancakes that take 45 seconds in the microwave or waffles that I bake every Sunday and freeze. She eats, I put my makeup on. After she is done its time for shoes, doing hair. I dress and we are ready. Outside we go for a bus. All this in 45 minutes. The best part is that I got it down to a system and so: 
I am on autopilot.
Stress is reduced.
My daughter cooperates reasonably.
She knows exactly whats coming.
Time saving.

     After success of building one habit I started working on additional little life improvement strategies. Today, my skin routine is a habit and my skin finally is manageable. My golden hour is a habit, which is amazing regarding building my business.  So far I am working on exercise habit. Its a work in progress at this point I must admit. However, I hope that I'll manage to create a habit so my body is up to its perfection.
The habit of everyday makeup - fabulous. Make sure it goes with habit of removing makeup every night :)

     They say it takes doing something 21 times to create a habit. From my experience I know it takes 30 days. We need to repeat a task 30 times to be able to do it thinking-less. It is a major effort since I must say, the habits we are trying to establish aren't the most exciting. If they were exciting it would not be a struggle, right? Nevertheless, it is worth try especially in bothersome tasks. Skin care and exercise in particular; these little rituals performed every day over long period of time do add up. Think of the bad habits that created themselves out of blue but the consequences over time are damaging. Smoking, drinking, not removing your makeup before bedtime. Does it ring a bell? Create a list of three good habits that you would like to create to make your life easier. I swear very girl should try it.      

I would love to hear from you, which three habits would you like to create. Kindly comment below.

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