Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Lipstick Goes a Long Way


     Men and women are equal there is nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot do.The premise here is we are equal and so we deserve equal pay. I love idea and I absolutely think that woman or man at the same job should get the same pay. No exceptions!!!
     But are we truly equal? I don't think so. We, the girls, have boobies and hips, we have periods every month and we deliver the babies. The fat content in our bodies is much higher than that of a man. We think differently too. Here is an idea; if we are different, visibly different - why don't we celebrate it?

     Little lipstick on my lips makes me feel little more special, makes me feel more daring, or more seductive. Lips can talk can sing, eat and drink wine. Lips declare love and or war. Lips are the frame for your smile and there is nothing more sexy than smiling girl. You can drive your man crazy with your lips or tell him off. You can pout or send air kisses to your child. Lips can express tons, do millions every day. So celebrate your lips...

     There was time, not so long ago, when lipstick was outdated and was connected to older crowd. I am happy to say that this is no longer true. The lipsticks of today and creamy, moisturizing , luxurious with SPF included.

A guide to lipstick color picks:
Pink is when you want to feel girly and softer.
Red is for here I am, very sexy.
Nude is look into my eyes and soul.
Brownish hues are classic (gotta have perfect white teeth)
Purple is statement I am avangarde - one in a million.

So, girl put your lipstick on... 
My absolute favourite is:
Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Pink Renewal. Makes me feel sexy and girly - I absolutely adore it. It is only $9 - cannot beat that.

What is your favorite one? How does it make you feel? Please comment and let me know.

If you are interested to look at this one, or browse other possibilities check the link below:

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