Friday, October 31, 2014

Money, Money, Money - Always Sunny In The Rich Man's World...

     Who did not dance to the famous Abba song? Indeed, we did have a ball dancing and playing. Yesterday I read an article in Forbes magazine "Forbes 400: America's  Richest People." The Forbes goes into details about the top 25 people on the list. I read it twice, and this is what I found out:

In the top 25 Richest People in America 2014:
  • 22 Are Man
  • 16 of which are self-made
  • 3 women only
  • Women source of wealth - inheritance
  • Top 3 spots belong to self-made 
Isn't that interesting? Why there are only 3 women up at the top? And why is it that these women inherited money. There is nothing wrong with inheritance. However, I think a picture emerges from this that men tend to be motivated to become rich more then women. Or is it the culture that does not promote women? Could that be that the female attitude towards money has to do something with this?

What would happen if I said I want to be stinking rich? Which in Today's standard is not a joke. The richest have a budget of a small country. This year only the entry to the Richest list requirement is 1.55B ( like in Billions) of dollars. They say that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. I must say, since I am reading a lot on a subject of money recently I know that it takes money to make money. If the rich have money they invest, and so the money multiply and they become even richer. Does it make them bad? Wouldn't you do the same? I know I would.  
Usually, with this rich getting richer message emotions are little different. The implication here is that the rich are somehow mean and bad people and poor are poor good people. The traces of this attitude could be found in the Bible. With all this associations over our head it is possible to associate bad people with money good people with lack of money. We girls, want to be nice and liked, don't we? 
     Then I had a thought; perhaps our spending patterns may have something to do with it? I am guilty of crazy clothing shopping myself. I collect dresses. There is something magical about a girl in a dress. It is sexy, it is feminine. A dress adds special flare to a date or anything we do. At the same time dresses are easy to wear as only you need to do is add the shoes and bag and viola! Complete outfit in no time. Whenever I see a dress that speaks to me I have to have it. All 240 of my dresses spoke to me at some point and now we are big happy family. Today however, if I was doing a mathematics of the dollars in my closet - my car would have been paid off. Or I could have had a nice sum of cash to invest. Carrie said it right:
Aren't we shooting yourselves in a foot? I know that my 2015 will be no shopping year. This will be an experiment to see how much really a girl could save? Is it substantial enough that the money could be set to grow for us? We will find out...


  1. no shopping at all...interesting...

  2. Someone gotta do it in the name of science