Sunday, October 26, 2014

Power Of Girl To Girl Friendship


 "The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends." said famously Gwyneth Patrow. Power of good girlfriends by your site is enormous. The truth is life is better when a girl has a girlfriends around. In good times the laughs will cascade with your girls and in the worst the tears are not as bad. No one can underestimate the power of girl closeness.

     Boyfriends come and go, girlfriends stay forever - or until you really badly screw up. We are all guilty of that. How often, when a boyfriend shows up on the horizon we become less and less available to our girls? I know I am guilty of that. There is new love, the butterfly feeling in your stomach, the novelty of romance. Who doesn't like romance? We let our self get suck into loveville in no time - the fairy tale story begins. In all of this our girlfriends get occasional update from your paradise and that's about it. Usually, your girls are not happy about being put aside but they will tolerate because they are your friends. The love you dearly and want you to be happy. But let me ask you this does he stop watching Sunday football with him buddies because now you are in his life?

     Friendship is a two-way road, you scratch my back I will scratch yours. This is how it works. Good girlfriends are so rare to come by that is paramount that we care for the precious relationship that we have. In a perfect world that is how would be - sadly we don't live in perfect world. This is from purely my observation: relationships between girls are very complicated. Who hasn't heard or worst lived throught the story of two girls who started as BFF just to end up as frienemies? This is my story, there was a girl at school that I had some sort of friendship - so I thought. Just to learn later that not only she steals my ideas but she goes around and talks about me. One awkward time, we spend the evening from hell together. She would try to stir something up with me on numerous occasions that night. I am older and wiser and I didn't not fall for it. Regardless, my evening was ruined and naturally I was not too pleased. After getting home, the whole situation got me thinking. Why is she trying to belittle me? I would somewhat understand this kind of behavior if we were competing for something life. Let me make it crystal clear : we do not compete at ANY level of life whatsoever. Then I had this thought; there always be the girls who will try to undermine whatever you doing. How often we observe one girl digging holes under another. What this is all about? Being a girl is already hard as it is, we have to fight for jobs, to get paid the same what man, we have to fight with our kids and keep our homes in order. Doing all of this graciously while on perpetual diet to look skinny, with never ending to do list and bag of makeup trick size of a small car. It is required for for our houses to be clean, us to look fabulous, our kids to be geniuses, our coworkers to be able to rely on us - in only 24 hour day. Life of a girl is hard. There is no point of adding to this list nonsense with another girl.

     I, personally, have minimal free time. As a single mother and full-time student my hands are truly full. The very little of free time that I have I want to make it count. I want to spend with my true girlfriends, all this lets stir things up crap can go and get lost - I have no time to entertain nonsense anyway. Life is easier and funnier if you go through it with another girl who understands your ups and downs and possible sideways that life generously throws at us. If, you are lucky to have authentic friendships in your life, make sure that you find the time to cherish them.True girlfriend is precious.

     For inspiration listen to a song by Kenny Rogers - " You Can't Make Old Friends."  
You can listen to the song here

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  1. Welll we can think we do have authenic friendship in our life...but who can really tell? Sometimes is hard to be sure about behaved about someone u really related to it or even can u be ever sure about anyone?