Thursday, October 23, 2014

Smart Dumb Or Dumb Smart?

     Education is a key, education is very important - this is repeated mantra by almost every person. Especially today, in uncertain economy, whenever I watch Tv the amount of college adds is disturbing. Full disclosure here: I am college graduate therefore I am so-called educated. In spite of education, I find myself making such dumb decisions that it got me thinking. In America obtaining education costs lots of money, they say it is best to invest in yourself. Or is it?
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     I know tons of people who invested in themselves but there is no return on investment. Couple of girls that  I know are rather dumb despite being A student. I also know C students who are smart and their life seems to be a smooth sail from one smart decision to another. In addition I know very smart students who are stuck in a career that does not pay the salary. Not every girl wants money, I get it. However, the student debt does not get it. The money that were eaten must be vomited back with interest. That makes me question what is smart and what is not so smart.

     Going to school for some "standard" job seems to be waste of time and money to me. All clerks, and assistants will learn necessary skills on the job anyway. Unless, what you are doing is highly specialized do you really need to go to school?
     As said previously, I went to school and I made dumb decisions as a result my life is far from what I want. I have been thinking long and hard about my situation and a plan how to go where I want to be was born. Deep analysis of situation made me realize that in spite of graduating with honors I am now honorably poor. To my surprise I found out which knowledge is it that I am lacking - finances. Surprise surprise ! Shall I go back to school to get financial education and inquire some more debt? It seems counterproductive. Perhaps there is a better way? Perhaps there is a free way?

     Then I thought; what about the old fashion library. Does it matter what way the information entered your brain? If a professor has read it from a power-point or whether you read it yourself does it change the value of the info? To me the answer is simple; not at all. In fact, taking couple of courses right now I must admit that one of them is pretty much self taught course as professor is useless. The difference is that I paid for it. Again, for specificity you may need this paper, a proof that you sat in this or that course. Nevertheless bottom line is that the actual knowledge that a girl may use is very often not offered in colleges. We pay big bucks for the idea that without this we won't be worth of hire. Very often to find out, that the paper has not really helped the process much. It help to dig your debt hole...
     Anyone who watches "Project Runway" can see that most of the designers, are self taught. What about all the forever popular stories of college dropouts that are major success stories in the world of business or other field today?

     So maybe instead we, the girls should think long and hard about what it is that we want and then draw a possible way of obtaining it. Gaining some, very needed, financial education along the way. especially, that it is women that retire usually retire much poorer that men. Sad.

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