Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Is More Valuable: Time Or Money?

     They say: time is money. It makes me wonder is that right? If time is money, then people who have no time should have money and people who have time should not have the money. But from my observations this seems not to be true at all. I know people who have time and money, and I know people who have no time and no money. If one analyzes the actual principle behind time is money it makes sense only in certain professions like lawyers where they bill you for 5 minutes of their time. Or in a very conservative way of investing in CD (certificate of deposit) where person gives money to a bank and in return bank promises to give it back to that person the money plus the interest occurred over agreed period of time.
     There is little sense to this saying time is money, if a girl combines wisdom and many philosophies out there. Free time could be turned into activity that may bring money, but only if one chooses to do so consciously. Free time can be happiness when is devoted to these people that make us happy. Free time could mean beauty - beauty treatment at home or at spa or even beauty sleep.
     There is surely value in free time. Free time is a commodity that we all wish we had.Can we buy it? Probably not...
    Here is the thing: if you lost all your money, just like people are loosing their 401K  it today's economy, could you rebuild it? The answer is; probably. What is you lost 5 years of your life could you rebuild it? The answer is, you guessed it; NEVER!!!

Salvatore Dali painting of a clock.

So, girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. I think girls should not only invest the money very wisely, but also their time. We only look good now, with time there will be changes that we may not appreciate. Invest time in yourself, invest your  money too.... 

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  1. To invest time and money you have to have both. Any tips on time managment?