Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blessed Routine

      Routine is your friend, I wrote about  how creating a habit will help you . But what happens when you fall of the wagon? I did fall of the wagon and the consequences are that I am so behind with everything. It was just two hours oversleeping and these two hours made my day shift. I hardly managed to get my daughter ready for the yellow bus. I am behind with this post. I am behind with checking stuff, and working on school work. The problem is that is not easy to catch on. The life will not wait.

     I still have to be at 9:00 AM at work, no one cares what time I woke up late or not. My child doesn't care either, she needs her breakfast. My school work needs to be done too, but there is no time. Something's gotta give and it will be my sleep in the end. 

     Question: if I slept some more wasn't worth it? Well, the answer is NO. Unfortunately this kind of sleeping throws my sleeping pattern off too. This way even if I slept more I don't feel less tired. In fact, how often a girl sleeps longer just to wake up with a headache? Beauty sleep isn't that beautiful after all.

     I have to work out some kind of way to wake up on time. I truly need to figure things out for sanity at my house. Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share...

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  1. Holly Golightly and "CAT", my favorite !