Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carpet Cents

     There is a carpet in my living room. This carpet and I have a cordial relationship, far from a true love. Since we life only once I want to have meaningful connections with my stuff too. Therefore, I decided to let the carpet go by listing it for sale. I am happy to announce that there is a lady that fell in love with this under appreciated floor covering from my house. She takes the carpet and goes her merry way and I am delighted to have $30 that will go tomorrow to my savings.

 Everyone is winner here, even the carpet :) Which makes me wonder what else I have in my home that I would be willing to part with? Probably, a good walk around will be needed with a piece of paper and critical eye. This ties with my previous post (I walk my talk) $tuff... and the idea of getting rid of things that do not make you happy. The space created will feel better, will make space for new things that we could fill with things that inspire us or give us smile. Moreover, there will be little free time pocket created. One thing less means less items to take care for and clean. Even if it takes just two minutes, over a month these minutes add up to an hour extra. What would you do with extra hour?

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