Monday, November 3, 2014

Clothes We Wear - Money We Do Not Have !

     It not a secret that I like clothes. How many girl you know own 240 dresses? I think "like" is understatement here. Last night in bed I was browsing for the latest in fashion as well as who rich and famous wears what. I must admit I spent couple of hours doing that. Then I came to realization that there are more or less two types of girls; one wears muted clothes to enhance herself, and the other wears enhanced clothes. Both ways create the statement but how different of the statement it is. Both ways are fun in their own distinct way. It got me thinking, if a girl wears the clothes that enhance her the clothes seems to be less in number since there is no extravagance. Something alone the line less is more...

     Our income in most of time is limited, so it makes a difference how much we spend on clothes. Our outfits eat up large chunks of our money making our closets fat. But here is a thought, what about the space we store our priced dresses? Real Estate is expensive, right? Could I use additional space for something else? Sure. Preferable as an office for building my business. Or renting it out. In reality, we wear about 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of time. Does it mean I will tell you or I will start tossing my own pieces? Absolutely no!

     I am convinced that we can achieve a balance. There is no need for drastic actions here. A professional organizer would have us create the famous three piles;
1 Keep
2 Donate
3 Garbage
I would never do such thing. Nevertheless, perhaps it would make sense to decide what it is that you really love in your closet, could be multiples. High boots? Jackets? Dresses? Whatever it is, indulge as much as you can. Buy the pieces that you fall in love with at the very first sight. After all, buying clothes gives us pleasure and for many is a form of exercise - walking miles in a mall. Why not? To save money, scale down on everything else. This way you can have proverbial two birds with a one stone. Or how we say in Poland, "two dinners on one fire." In any case, this way picking just one type of clothing to splurge on, and saving on rest seems to be making most sense to me.

     One word regarding throwing away your clothes; unless the item is no longer wearable DON'T. You paid money for that item, and if you know anything regarding cost per wear - just because you got bored by item does not mean you have to get rid of it. Extend the wear for some nice number that will justify the cost per wear to such position that trashing it would be just fine. If you are bored with the piece that you use to love, go on Pintrest to find new ways how to wear it. Look for some inspiration for new outfits using the piece, or if you are crafty perhaps you could play the designer yourself. Why not?

     A girl must be independent, and the best way is to have money. But not at all cost, we need to live too. Have you ever heard of these people who were living very limited life that after death, usually the relatives discover millions hidden? I don't want to be that person, and I am pretty sure you don't want it either. My idea is that perhaps there is a way to scale down and releasing the financial energy to save, but still using some to live a sweet life....
You live only once! 

I would love to hear from you. Do you have an idea how much do you spend on clothes each year? 


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