Monday, November 17, 2014

First Push is the Hardest

     Things cost money, right? If we don't buy things we save money. Pretty simply logic. This logic somehow stops working with a new venture of ours. I started the blog, but now I need a new computer - mine is 5 years old, which in digital age is equal to million years. Not to mention a digital camera to capture things I would like to show you. These items cost money and right now I shall hold on to them. It's not easy to increase your net worth if you keep constantly spend. Do we truly need the latest items to make our projects alive?

     New things are better things, and as a result we should achieve a better final product. Is that really so? I will write about my blogging since it is my latest project that I am truly passionate about. It is a fact that I could use better technology that I currently own, without a doubt. Such purchase would be about $1000. This amount would be much better if devoted to an emergency fund especially that I d have a little child at home. The true question is: can I accomplish what I need to accomplish with my old laptop? The truth is - yes I can. This got me thinking - are we all perfectionists?

     If we need all the bets tools of the trade to ale something happen, could that be a form of procrastination? They say that body in motion stays in motion, (they = Sir. Isaac Newton). However, if we convince ourselves that we cannot get into the "motion" without new laptop or another fancy tool everything stops. We cannot write a post, we don't have to push ourself. Everything is in a holding state until we get "organized" with the fancy tools. Which would be the very definition of procrastination. Nevertheless, if you understand a true lost in waiting time value , then it is possible that our focus goes from why I cannot do it without the........ to how can I do it with what I already have. This breads action, and as Sir. Isaac Newton already said, an action will equal reaction. The first push is the hardest but then it is rolling. It gets easier every day, I promise. Yu will be surprised how much you can actually do.

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