Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Much Do You Love Yourself?

     "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" - said one of the smartest people I know - Oscar Wilde. Although, there are many positive psychological effects of loving oneself, this time I would like to talk about love and money. Traditionally, when loving someone, we are doing it out of pure heart. If someone is loved for their money then there is tons of negative associations with such love. Opposite is true when talking about ourselves. Spending money on yourself is a sign of self-love; in a positive way.

     Having a child teaches you taking care for a child. Teaches you to try to predict possible bad outcomes and protect your child. That is what mother does. In my eyes mother child is one of the purest of loves out there. This pure love could be a model for "ideal love." You worry about your child future, don't you? Well, the same approach should go towards oneself. Not easy, we girls put everyone ahead of us by some twisted nature. Nevertheless, I think we owe it to ourselves and to our loved to take care of ourselves. That would include finances too!!!

     What do you do when your pay cheque comes? Most people allocate the money towards bills. And groceries, and other necessary or fun stuff. The pay is gone, but at least bills are paid. What about if you took the 10 percent of your cheque and saved for yourself? Pay yourself first - as sign of care and love for yourself. Most of us, especially in today's economy won't become rich from saving these 10 percent. Let's just assume that you'll manage to save over a year only $1200. Again, extremely conservative numbers. Nevertheless, there are couple things that are happening here:

1.) You have learned to live little below your means - very precious lesson.
2.) This habit of saving will translate for bigger cheques in the future.
3.) You are little bit more money conscious.
4.) If anything out of ordinary shall happen you have the money to fix it.
5.) Self esteem grows with the growing value of your saving.
6.) This cash, however little adds to your Net Worth.
7.) You have "F*ck you money."
8.) If you saved tons - you could buy yourself the outrageously expensive shoes that you always wanted.  

     I must be honest here, I myself, just started doing it. I am no veteran to saving my 10 percent. In fact, I cannot at this time save ten percent. However, I am saving, 5%, hopefully will arrive to 10 at some point in near future. Again, it is not a lot, but it is a beginning. In my other post power of habit I discuss how having good habits are like autopilot on your road to better future. This saving every two weeks, or a month is an amazing habit to develop. It is a start of our road to financial freedom. So, girl pay yourself first - ALWAYS! Even if it is just 1 percent. The amount will increase in time and a good habit will form along the way. For us, girls money truly matter ,(another article I wrote on a subject) they are a vehicle to buy time and freedom to do whatever we love. Wouldn't you like to be free? Or freer at least?  

     I know that this pay yourself first idea comes from a book, "The Richest Man in Babylon." by George S. Clason. I did not read the book yet, I intend to. Many people have said that before, and I started to listen. So, idea is not mine, but I am trying it, and loving it so I wanted to share with as many girls as possible. If we girls are financially independent, we will be all better off.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know either in comments below or connect with me on Facebook: Monokerka or Google+ and tell me your story. Perhaps, you have better ways to do it.

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