Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Black Book Worth Billions

     We go places. we meet people all the time. We observe things, we think things through. Our minds hardly ever stop. A girl's mind is very powerful tool, when used right. What would have happen if instead of obsessing about a guy, we employed our mind to do bigger and greater stuff. Could you have a million dollar brain?

     How many times you are in an elevator, or running for a train when out of blue a super good idea comes to mind? If you think about it, there is a chance that somewhere there was an idea worth a lot. Where is it now? Can you still remember what it was all about?  Yesterday, when walking between buildings at my campus, my brain generated  couple of interesting ideas that could be great blog posts. But where are these ideas now? That is the problem - I don't know. They got lost in a sea of random thoughts. It makes me wonder, could we be loosing valuable ideas all the time?

     Boys have their little black book full of secrets, I think it is the time that we also have a little black book for ideas. This little black book should be on you at all times since the brain works at all times. One never know when a next chapter of your dissertation comes to mind, or place where the perfect plan to solve a complex issue will be born. No fear however, if you have a little black book you can whip it and capture the thoughts right then and there.

Possibly one of the most famous little black books out there - Da Vinci's notebook.

     Have you ever heard that successful people think on paper. I think this phrase was coined by Brian Tracy. What does it mean? Are these people somehow different then you and I? I don't think so. I think putting down our thoughts and ideas in one place is the key here. Most of ideas, are probably just blonde ideas or Utopian plans unless you are walking genius . However, all you need is one good, solid thought to solve the challenge at hands. This one solid thought surely can be found between the fun stuff. What if one of this random thoughts could be the idea? Something that makes the world better place and makes you dollars along the way? Hey, you never know !

I would love to hear from you. Have you had an idea that made your life easier? Tell me your story.

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