Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Propelling Power of To Do List

     To Do lists - I absolutely love them. Putting down on paper everything that I need to do, everything that I want to do and stuff that I have to do. It relaxes my overworked brain. I used to have daily to do lists, weekly and monthly.

     These days, my life is far from the way I want it. In fact, I am not too happy. Making to do lists got abandoned. Most of my friends are surprised to say the least, that I don't have a scribbled paper on me at all times. I was famous for to do lists, I even had to do of the to do list. Now, I have none. Not even the master goal list. I guess I am going through "no lists" period. Still, I can say there is a connection between a list of tasks and productivity. My productivity is down by 80 percent. In fact, I am doing very little and I am behind a lot. At school productivity means good grade, in business productivity means money. In any case lack of productivity means loosing.

     In addition, there is the aspect of crossing out the line that has been done. It is very powerful, especially if you managed to do more then a half. I feel like getting an Oscar each time I cross out an item. And even if I am yet to manage to complete entire list  I can see the progress. I bet everyone has heard about this famous Harvard study where they asked one class how many of them had a goal list. They found out that only 3% people had such list. The study followed up with the subjects of study 20 years later just to find that these 3% were wealthier than the rest of the class combined.Interesting.

     Recently, I was cleaning my library and in an old book I found a piece of paper with my goals that I wrote at the time when I was teenager. I must say that I completely forgot about it. It has been 18 years after all. Nevertheless, I was speechless when I discovered that almost all that was written on that piece of paper came true. I was not even looking at it.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" said Benjamin Franklin. We ought to listen to one of the smartest man, major scientist and politician, whose list of accomplishments is beyond impressive. The most importantly I need to listen and get back on my "To DO" horse.

Do you have to do lists? How do you organize them? Please let me know in the comments below.    


  1. I love doing to do lists, but I do not always follow them

    1. Even if you follow a little that is this much more that you did. Also, according to Brian Tracy there is some kind of power when we put things on paper. I must admit I agree with it.

  2. I love doing to do lists and if I manage to do even one i feel like a hero :D

  3. Uwielbiam robić listy i zapisywać tam najmniejsze pierdoły po to by widzieć jak się je wykreśla i żeby tez nie zapomnieć o mniejszych rzeczach :)