Friday, November 21, 2014

Saving the Best for Last?

     Being locked in home for couple of days have make my routine slow down. I spent all this time in my pajamas. I noticed that feeling about myself have been lower, I feel more lethargic, and I care less. It makes me wonder; do we feel confident and put our best foot forward or do we put our best foot forward and feel confident?

    In any case once your foot slips everything keep going down. I think once you get off your routine then you feel less and less attractive. I noticed that at home I wear my drab clothes, and my hair is just tied. No makeup nor nail polish to be seen. Then whenever I pass by the mirror my reflection is like my clothes - just sad. It is not easy to feel good about yourself when everything is so sad. It is a downward spiral.

     The same seems to be true just on the opposite side of the spectrum. Once you do care for yourself, you feel better. I know I do. Doing my makeup, doing my nails is the beginning of the journey towards feeling better. Feeling better propels me to do even better. After makeup proper skin care routine comes, and diet. After the trousers become looser, suddenly the gym is not as bad place to be. It seems that either way you go it will be a chain reaction. One pulls the other, we just need to make sure that the chain is going into the direction we want it to go.

     Even if at home, it is important to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself costs money, but if there is little resources - mini facial at home will help. In fact, this is how I started. There is also groupon where there are coupons for discounted facial and hair treatments. If you have spare dollars, why not? I am sad that I forgot to show little care to myself, but I am happy that I have learned my lesson. I hope you guys won't fall into the same trap. How you take care of yourself always matter - you are stuck with yourself forever - make it to be a beautiful relationship.

     Same is true for clothes; are you saving your very special blouse or a dress for very  special occasion? What does it say? That you are not worth it to wear it? Why not? If the top makes you happy than is should be worn. When you'll be wearing your "house clothes" with hair in a mess,  you will bump into your ex - guarantee!!! Murphy's law. No amount of prayers will save you as he WILL see you. Wouldn't you rather look your best?

Have it ever happened to you? Let me know in the comment section below.    

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