Saturday, November 8, 2014


     Our stuff here, our stuff there, our stuff everywhere. It seems that our life are consumed by stuff, after all we need stuff to wear, we need stuff to take care of ourselves. We need stuff to get education, stuff to keep clean our houses, and even stuff to take care for our stuff. Is our stuff consuming our pay cheques?

     The stuff can get out of hand sometimes; my friend, let's call her Anna is a single girl in her 35 year of life. She is quite independent and makes good money. She even purchased her own house. The house is a small three bedroom with finished basement. Everything looks good, right? Well, unlike me, Anna collects EVERYTHING. She buys tons of stuff on the premise that we live only once. This got to a point that she needs a bigger house. Literally, she needs to buy a bigger house to hold the stuff.

     I must admit, even if I collect just dresses I have probably too many of them. Housing my dresses took over my entire attic. Here is the deal, if I turn this attic to additional bedroom. This would increase the value of my house by about $10'000. I could then, rent a bedroom for $300 per month. But I cannot because my stuff is in there.

     Clearly our possession cost us money. Not only if we were to rent the space occupied, but also if you need bigger house because of stuff that means bigger mortgage in addition to bigger property taxes, bigger bills and more maintenance cost. These cost add up, don't they?

     Does it mean that we should live the minimalistic lifestyle? I don't think it is for everyone. I know it is not for me. In my opinion we could find the golden ratio between things that enrich our life and makes us happy and don't consume us. Perhaps putting some sort of rules in place would be helpful. For instance, if you need four pairs of tall boots, have four pairs of tall boots, if you found another one that you absolutely must have. Buy it but get rid of one that you already have. The idea here is that you think about the purchase well, and don't allow situation to be out of control. If you continue to buy tall boots you may end up with 35 pairs. You still have only one pair of feet to utilize them. Moreover, thinking which is the pair that goes onto chopping block may cool down your newly found love.

     It is worth considering to sell your unwanted stuff and make a little extra $$$ for upcoming Christmas. We girls tend to buy tons of things that we wear only once or twice. This is still good stuff, so why not try to sell it? The stuff that you do not sell you could always donate to a good cause and get the tax deduction. Hey, why not? Could you use additional $50 right now?

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