Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time Is Ticking Away

    "Why time is running so fast? Because everyone is trying to kill it!" a joke I have heard couple days ago. Funny? True?

     Time in my eyes is the most precious commodity. I already wrote about value of time here:  you can find the post here . Time is very precious, many people think they understand that. I thought that too. However, if you can notice any sign of procrastination then my friend, I am afraid you don't understand the true value of time. Girls, lets look closely at that time...

     I have to give an example on me only. I am 35 years old, pushing it on 36. I cannot really tell you how many people told me I am still young. Or am I? Lets look at this:

  • to be 40 years there is 4 years and 8 months. 
  • This means 56 months - not too much. 
  • If you count the days left till big four zero - 1677.
That means that in 1677 days I will hit the major milestone of live. There are things that I want to achieve by that time. As I said in the first post about my net worth , I want to be worth at least $100K. I think it is reasonable for 40 year old woman to have a net worth of $ 100K. I fact I think I should be worth 5 times as much, but it is very unrealistic for me. Especially, starting from $ -82K. In any case, to be able to make it I would need to save about $60 dollars a day for all 1677 days. I will see how it goes, I will give my all  and I will be updating you about my journey.

     Nevertheless, if I take this number and write down in my calendar in a form of countdown, tomorrow it will be 1676. In one week it will read 1670, and so on. If you actually, physically see the number going down, it will propel you to action. I know it propels me. I know, every little number crossed is gone forever. If I sat at home and done nothing I just wasted one day of my life. This day is gone forever. My life is now shorter because of sitting on the sofa with ice cream. Not even Ben& Jerry is worth this exchange.

     Does it mean that I have to work like maniac? Well, it depends on what my goals are. Since my goals are not too outrages like become millionaire in 5 years or build a company employing 300 people I can have leisure time. In fact, because time is very scarce I choose wisely my leisure activities. I choose wisely my friends and how I spend time with people who are important to me. I have only 1677 days till 40, and if I decide to give some of this away to friends - you can bet that I will not be hanging out with negative people, or frenemies. Time is precious, spend it with people close to your heart. One side note here: you should be close to your heart too!!!

     Try to count it backwards, day by day until a day you choose and see for yourself the true value of time. I truly would love to hear from you. If you tried this method could you comment below and let me know. Also, perhaps you have other methods of increasing productivity. Please share it with me...

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