Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under the Snow

A view from my window.

     I did not write for couple of days despite a promise to myself that I will write one post a day. For my excuse if you watched the news you know that Buffalo is under the snow - literally. So am I. My daughter and I are stuck in home for the third day. Luckily we have the power and the food. I know that in some parts of the city the power is gone. My only issue is entertaining my 5 year old daughter, which is not easy.

     It is November 20th, and we, here in Buffalo, almighty snow breaks in into houses by windows and doors to many houses. The trees are breaking under the weight, and the scariest thing is that very soon the houses will be collapsing in. The snow is very wet and heavy. It all gets me to think how important planing really is. No one had chosen to be stuck at home, but here in Buffalo such possibility exists. We need to plan to have more food then we need, to have water, we need spare generators, and we need shovels. No one could suspect this amounts of snow hitting us but at the same time this is Buffalo and such events do happen time to time and we need to be ready.

Here is how it really looks like from BuzzFeed

     This events made me think how stupid of me that I have no emergency funds. I know I should have it, but never managed to get around to it. What if my window busted in? I have only foot of snow on it so this time I am lucky. Nevertheless, I live with a little child and access to money is a must. I think it is time for me to really make an effort to have any emergency fund ASAP. The plan is to start selling on ebay some of my stuff. Whatever I make goes to the emergency fund. I shall see how much will I make and naturally I will be writing about my ebay journey here.

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