Saturday, January 17, 2015

Building a Future

     Have you ever wok so much that you come home exhausted to pass out on a bed, just to repeat the same the very next day? I am sure you have, we all did. In this economy, people work hard. It is not uncommon to have a working week of 50 or 60 hours. We get paid for it, don't we? Yet many of us are not happy, I know I was not happy. I know I shall be happy, since anyone who has a job should be glad. Jobs are hard to come by these days. Am I unappreciative?

     I thought about this long and hard. I am not happy because I felt like being on one of these wheels that we put in hamsters' cages. Running around without results showing for it. I found antidote for the pain. I decided to open my own business. I ask my very dear girlfriend to partner with me. I believe in girls friendship a lot - read here thoughts on girlfriends.  She agreed! Therefore on January 14, 2015 a business was born to two blondes.

     I must admit, we were proud - very proud when the "enter" was hit and the business became official. I must also admit, it is very scary too. Million what if's filled my head. What if we won't make money? What if we won't have customers? What if something goes wrong? Can we do it? and so on...

     Then I had a thought, we will work on it give it our all. At least we are building something. Building something tangible, creating something that with time can grow. Creating something that we can say, we are proud of it. Just like a baby. When one has a baby there are better days and there are worst days, but every mother struggle forward. Every day, and then this moment comes when our babies grow to this magnificent humans that we are so proud of. That is exactly what my friend and I hope for. For now, we have head full of dreams...

Wish us luck please.

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