Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dreaming of Travels? 5 Things You Need to Start

     When I was teenager, which was twenty years ago (yes, that is right) I always knew that the world is big and beautiful and I wanted to see it all. In fact, I never had dreams of big mansion, nor about Ferrari, my dreams were always around travelling. However, when you are a teenager, in a country that just got its freedom, with passport that has no value, or no money in the pocket following such dream is not easy. Nevertheless, I did it. As they say where there is a will there is a way!!! This is what I wanted to write about today.

     Today, many years latter I have been to Austria, Norway, Czech, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Tunisia, England, Malta and many more. When I tell my stories, many people tell me that they wish to travel too. I noticed, that most of my friends dream to travel but somehow at dreams it ends. I would like to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way. If you have dreams of seeing the word, start planning because the world is waiting...

     5 Things You Need to Do to Start Travelling

1.)  First and foremost, do you have a passport? Life brings opportunities but to utilize them a passport is necessary. It takes 60 days in the USA to make a passport, and it is valid for 10 years. Perhaps, it is a time to make one. 

2.) What is your dream place to go? Start with one. How far is it? What language do they speak? What currency do they use? The research of the place is necessary, since it is not pretty finding yourself abroad and dealing with unpleasant surprises. Also, research will help you establish how much money you will absolutely need to be able to fulfill the dream. 

3.) Talk to your friends and family about your dream, you may find that one or couple of your friends would consider to join you. It will be more fun to go with friends anyway. But I must say I did travel alone plenty of times. If your friends support you they will be additional set of eyes and ears for you. They may come across opportunities that may be good for you, and they will pass them on to you. Hey, you never know. They may search for a English teacher in Vietnam, who knows :) 

4.) Unless, you can go there by car, you will need to research the airfare. This is the largest chunk of the budget. Unlike hotels that come in all price ranges, you have very little of room for negotiating the price of your flight. If you start research when the flights to your dream place are the cheapest, you may find out that the price difference can be couple of thousand dollars. I know that when I fly to Europe in April, the ticket is around $750 - $850, whereas when I went to Poland for Christmas it was $2780. Knowing the cheapest airfare periods will also help you to plan the vacation time. You know that around e.g. November you want your vacation from work since a flights to dreamland is the cheapest.   

5.) Start saving! You can put 5% of your gross salary away to a dream account. This is what I did. Also I told everyone that for my birthday and Christmas all I want is cash. Since they already know that I want to travel, no one had the slightest issue with my demand. In fact people like giving gifts that will make you happy. 

     There are ways to travel inexpensively - which I will be covering in other posts - but a girl always needs to have stashed cash!!! 

     It is a new year that brings the promise of new possibilities. If not now, then when I ask? 

I am in a process of planning to go in 2015 to my dream destination. My dream is China or Morocco for now. My budget, well is not existent yet since being single mother is demanding on your dollars. I may grab a side job for this one. I know it will be all worth it...
I would love to hear from you, where would you like to go? What is the absolute number one country that you really want to see?


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