Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How Do We Invest Our Time?


Time is ticking away whether we want it or not. It wasn't until this morning when I caught up one of my time thieves. The time thieves are very sneaky thus not as visible. It wouldn't be such a big deal if not the fact that these stolen times could add up to something great.

     We all have dreams to do something great, to build something, to leave some legacy behind. How does one do that? Basically by putting the effort into the free time pockets with a hope that over time this will accumulate to something larger. That how is most of bigger project structured. Take a college for example; couple of credit hours here, others there and over time these credits accumulate to a bachelor degree. The same is true for anything. Building a relationship with your hubby or your kids, building a business or painting that oil painting that is living in your head.

     I woke up at 5:15 AM today, I grabbed my phone as anyone living in 2015 would. No news, no interesting updates. Finally, I get up - it is 6;10 AM. I lost one hour, the golden hour to be exact - you can read about it here. Where did it go? Well, ashamed I must say it went into jewels game, the mine edition one. I thought I will just relax for couple of minutes. Little did I know that couple minutes in the time thief's hands equal to 60.

     This is not to say one shall not play games or mindlessly watch tv. Life is not all about work, however it is smarter to play these games at times when you need to unwind. Wasting the most productive time may not be the smartest idea. Unless, the dream that you have isn't truly the dream that you want for yourself. Then these games and other distractions are the procrastinators. Quite frankly if that is the case, perhaps it is the time to think what it is that you really want and go for it? We are not getting any younger, and every day that passed by is lost. The time is very precious resource. You cannot buy more, you cannot borrow more - you've got what you've got! Use it wisely.

     One thing that you can do is identify your most productive time of a day. This is your golden time and regardless how much it hurts - no telephone, no tv nor other distractions during that time. This may be the time when your brain will come up with idea worth million. Hey, you never know!!!

What are your time thieves? Let me know in the comments below. How do you deal with them?

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