Monday, January 26, 2015

How Habits Control Our Live

     I wrote may times about the habits and their power over us. I discovered that habits could be harassed to our advantage in my 30's. Once I understood that I wanted to have a conscious decision on which habits I want around which I do not. After some research, I found out that to build a habit it takes 21 times of repetition of habit of our choice.

     There are many habits that I want to build, but I decided to start with a morning routine one. I wrote on a list how I ideally want my morning routine to be. Then, for a month (30 times) I would make sure I am following it. And viola! Habit was formed. Indeed, I was doing things exactly how I wanted  the things to be done.

     Christmas time came around which in my world means travelling. I went to couple of little countries in Europe. Before I knew it I was back in the bad habits' paws. How on Earth did that happened? I thought I had the new improved ways of doing things down to the letter. Huge surprise! I must admit even bigger disappointment. So, what happened?

     Firstly, the jet lag did not help. Secondly, my previous routines were truly hardwired. Thirdly, I probably failed at consciously choosing to follow the new routine. The results are devastating, my skin is back in a horrible shape. I am heartbroken to be honest, but not to the point of giving up. Nevertheless, I know I screwed up, I just don't understand how.

     I went to library to browse a little and this is what I came across:

     And I am very very pleased. Now I will be studying these pesky habits and the mechanisms of their creations. I want to have things under control, especially my skin. I am reading this fantastic book now and I will give you all the steps on how to, once I am done.

Perhaps you have a way to deal with habit creation? If you do, please let me know in the coments below.

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