Monday, January 19, 2015

Lessons from My Freezer...


     New Year = new beginning, right? Well, I read somewhere about de-cluttering your space. This article included ways to free the precious real estate on your pantry shelves, fridge and freezer. I store a lot in my freezer as you never know when the girlfriends will show up with a bottle of wine. A snack is in order. I also keep there breakfasts for my daughter and  random stuff. This is how it suppose to work.

  1) Start eating all the supplies you have (not at once) without buying new         supply unless absolutely necessary.

  2) Once the fridge and freezers are empty, a good clean is a must!

  3) Plan meals and start purchasing foods that you really eat and need. This will   decrease spoilage, which in turn will decrease money spent.

     So I started with my freezer. I pick one thing after another to free some space. I made rice with green peas with just soy sauce and it was very good actually. Here is what I discover:

a.) Freezing bread is a fabulous idea - just make sure that it is sliced before you place it in the freezer. Perhaps it's obvious, but not obvious for this blonde. I put couple of full loafs. Trying to cut it is a major challenge. Lesson learned! 

b.) Freezing sticks of butter is also a good tip - however, keep in mind that butter absorbs smells. My freezer had some meat products and somehow the smells traveled off to wrapped butter sticks. I baked a tart with a strange taste. Just imagine - yuck!

c.) When freezing soups make sure they are placed correctly to prevent the from falling out - I had my portioned soups on the doors and when they fell out, a package got broken. Result? Not only the soup got contaminated with bacteria, but also my plastic container got broken.

d.) The last discovery, I do have my favourite party food. I tend to buy the same product over and over again. Knowing that I'll wait for a sale and buy at least ten vegetable gyoza to fill up the space that I am clearing - ha ha ha! 

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