Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sometimes we Just lose Ourselves


     This morning I stood up on a scale, and the bathroom scale spitted up a very ugly number. Naturally, I am not pleased but it made think deep and hard. Mostly, because it is still January and many people are going down with their weight. But also, because I am a nutritionist for God's sake. I spent four years at college studying these things. I know food and food chemistry like my own pockets. I know nutrition very well! The why on earth am I going up in my numbers?

Losing weight is hard

     It is, regardless of how much you know about the subject. I think it's even harder for women. We have our days, we are emotional, not to mention that very often we stress too much. What happens when we hit the emotional stage? Fridge and I are the best friends. And here is a thing: I know I should not! I really do, but I want to. My want to indulge the chocolate is much stronger then my tiny voice in my head saying " you know you shouldn't be touching this." It makes me feel better when I have my chocolate, what can I say?

     It is winter, it is cold and unpleasant out there. We tend to stay inside and snack on comfort food. Unfortunately, comfort food is the heavy, rich, calorie leaded food. Not many people find comfort chewing on carrots, let be frank here. 

Dealing with it

     It is what it is! Beating myself up, will not make the pounds go down. Nor will it make me feel better about myself. If anything I will feel worst which will tighten my relationship with my fridge. I put on weight 22 pounds, it may seem a lot but in my case it's not that bad - I am quite tall. Nevertheless, I am not happy with the way my body is. Luckily, it is winter so I can maneuver the clothes into looking slimmer. Time to take action is now, however for the action to stick I am going to start small. With one thing at a time. First, try to implement a lower calorie, healthy breakfast. That is all for now.

6 Steps for Permanent Changes in your Eating Patterns  

     Starting small is the key. As I already said, I will start with better breakfast. About 250 -300 kcal. The reason why I am starting with breakfast is because in the morning we are more likely to do better things then latter as the day progresses. 

1.) I will add more fruits to my diet - especially breakfast. I think a smoothie is the way to go.

2.) I have to start again, weighing myself every morning. Disclaimer: this trick will work more for mature adults. If you are teenager most likely the number on a scale is attached to self-esteem. I don't think in such cases, you should jump on a scale every morning - once a week is more than sufficient. However, if you get your self worth from your job, friends and family than this is the way to go. It is much easier to catch 5 lbs and react then to catch 50 and try to fight it.

3.) Goes with number 2; have your feel good number to be a range. The range ideally should spread 5 pounds if you are  on a shorter side and 10 if you are taller. Meaning, my feel good weight is 115 - 125 ponds. Thus, ANY number in that scale in my range is fantastic! 124 feels as sexy as 116 pounds! Bodies accumulate water sometimes, or lose it. Being attached to one number is like wanting to marry George Clooney - not going to happen!!!

4.) Get busy! Start a new project or finish the other ones that are forgotten. Getting busy is a fantastic way to simply forget about food. 

5.) When in front of Tv, either do your manicure (it is difficult to be eating with wet nail polish) or do some kind of movement aka exercise. Even if it means lifting a bottle with water. 

6.) Look for another little thing that you will change in your eating pattern; e.g. having three or four cups of coffee and cut just one. Until this will feel natural, as if there could be never other way. Or, having half of the amount of chocolate that you usually eat. 

Beautiful, Healthy Body is a Journey not a Destination      

     That is right, it is a long journey. As we go through the life, our bodies change, our needs change. What was working in your teens will no longer work as well in your 40's. Everyone is unique, and so our diets will be unique. There is no one universal way that works for everyone. If you truly cannot imagine your life without a chocolate, than instead of fighting it - embrace it! Make accommodations in your diet in such way to fit 200 kcal. for chocolate or ice cream.  Why not? Balance is the key...

Please comment below what little changes if any will you make. I truly would love to hear from you.

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