Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome in 2015 - a Year Under the Sign of Organization.

     Major holidays and everyone wishes everyone all the best. I did not do that, not that I don't care I do, but I decided to utilize the time free from school and other obligations to do something for me. My daughter was gone and so I went travelling. I will be telling you all about this soon. I travel a lot, therefore I have many stories to tell. Especially, that my financial resources aren't endless. I traveled on pennies, I traveled on tons of cash. Collecting along memories, and ways how to do things the more efficient way...

     It is 2015, Happy New Year everyone!!! New year means a new opportunity to make things better. For me if things get better than they were last year that is a progress to be proud of. This year is to get organized. I feel like setting the stage for more fun with people who are close to us. When a girl is organized, less time is spent searching for things, cleaning, shopping. Less time spent on trivial things = more time for the important things. That is where is fun and happiness hides.
     Another thing is to get minimalistic - a little! I don't want to live with two pairs of shoes and one handbag, I love fashion and love my dresses (all 240 of them) dearly. I like make up and my hair products, I like shoes and handbags. I throw parties and I like decorations - this will stay! There are things in my life that I find I have too much of, and emptying it and creating free space is a goal for this year. There two major goal - I will keep updating how does it go...

     Also, no new year resolution can be word DIET free, right? Therefore, since I am nutritionist I eat pretty well, but my efforts are jeopardized by SWEETS. Too much of sweets, hence one impossible resolution is to not eat sweets in 2015. Definition of sweets: is everything but baked goods without frosting. My daughter and I bake a lot - I cannot not try our treats, can I?  

There it is. New Year = new beginning...
What are yours goals? Do you have any?

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