Monday, February 2, 2015

Be Free and True to Yourself

     Yesterday I finally finished my foundation that, I must admit, was a mistake type of purchase. When the box landed in my trash bin I felt major relief. I have additional three foundations that are in the line to be finished too. Why? A good question, however the answer is not so good...

     I have been struggling with my skin since I can remember. In a totally fruitless effort I would be buying more and more of a product that I think it will help. In fact i would buy into any product that promised some kind of miracle. I have facial creams, body lotions, scrubs, oils, masks and so on. You name it, I have it in multiples.  So, I ended up with my bathroom cabinets full of products. 

     Having tons of cosmetics is amazing for someone who is a makeup artist. Although I sell cosmetics (I am the Avon lady) I do not enjoy having too many of eye shadows, 156 to be precised. In fact, my makeup is quite simple for everyday purpose. The same is true for the rest of the beautifying products I own. I have only one body and this is where I will be applying the products, therefore I need  just one product per mission. Do you have the same? Buying constantly with hope of some improvement? Well, I think I came up with a solution in 3 simple steps.

     1. Inventory

     Make inventory of all the products you have in one category. Very important to place all the night creams, or the slimming body lotions in one place. It is important to see how much really do we own. If you are anything like me, the mare view of the amounts will be quite scary. Nevertheless, we could push it further by adding the costs of all these items together. After all these are the dollars that have left your wallet, right? If we did not buy all these goods in the first place: amount X would be in your bank account.   

    2. Cutting Board

     Once all the goodies are in one place, organized by how do you use it. Lets make a decision which ones are first to be used up. The first to go will start to see use as often as possible. Once you done with this one, reach for the second in line, you get the picture. This way we could used them all up - gaining space and peace of mind. Now, many organizing gurus would tell you to toss the products. I do not do it because it is a way to waste our hard earned money. 

     3. Know Thyself  

     This one is very important, pay attention to who you truly are. Let me elaborate: I was buying like crazy all this makeup stuff. I would watch a tutorial as to how to do a perfect blue makeup and I would purchase all the product needed just to do it once, maybe twice. Yep, that is how I ended up with 156 eye shadows. Non of which I use by the way. Here is why: I personally love the 60's. I love everything about that decade, their clothes, their makeup and their crazy hair. In fact, I love it so much that my makeup consist of primer, eyeliner and mascara. Here is the kicker, it always have been this way. So, why on earth would I buy the things that I would never use? I want to blame it on the blonde moment. Now, lesson learned no more impulse crazy shopping. I am smarter now, I know this is not who I am. 

  Time, Money and Space

If you feel up to a challenge to clean up your bathroom I can only congratulate you!!! You will gain time, space and money. Here is how: 

1.) Time - cleaning all these shelves with jars and brushes require time. The more shelves with filled with stuff the more time it takes to clean them.

2.) Space - pretty self explanatory; less items equals more space. Empty space. Empty space is good.

3.) Money - buying only what you need will make more dollars available for other pleasures. Yoga class? A book? Viola! The $15 dollars needed are right there waiting to be spent in a way that will create a beautiful memories. Do you really need three body lotions? No! Could you have a girls night out ? I bet you could :)

Please let me know in the comment section below, what class of product has your biggest number?