Wednesday, March 11, 2015

La La Land of the Lost

     Do you dream? I dream - I dream big dreams. After all they say to dream big. But now I know that dreaming big is not enough. I disappeared to dream - and here I am two weeks later with nothing to show for it. If you can imagine it then you achieve teaches us the famous book The Secret. 

     I have to disagree! Big time actually. This is not to say that dreams do not come true, because they do. But imagining them is not enough. I am sorry I don't care how real can I imagine my dream, I do not care if I can smell it, or touch it. Unless, I actually get my ass off the couch - no dream will ever happen. 

     It took me a little to realize this. There is a process to having all you want, how you want it. Envisioning is just part of the process. Then, you need to start acting on it. Make a plan, detailed plan to how are you going to achieve these things that you want. The most ironic part is, that I always knew that it is the action that breeds results. Somehow, my inner lazy lady wanted to believe the secret and I lost 2,5 months. The good news is: I still have 9 months to deliver...

     I got lost for a moment but now I am back. First thing: creating a vision board. Women wear many hats, each hat has its own unique set of problems. Women do worry as it is their job. The trick is when our mind is occupied with things that may never happen the vision of your dream disappears. The vision board is a reminder for the brain to get back and focus on the dreams. I have to be honest here, I am not exactly sure what will be on my vision board. I have couple of dream but as far as career I am very confused. There are many things that bring me the joy. Chemistry, nutrition, cosmetics, people, traveling, business, events, fashion among many more. This gives me hard time to pick one as a major line to focus on. Without focus on a dream and making it a goal, nothing will happen. But which one shall I pick? 

     Here is an useful blog post by The Peaceful Mom on the vision boards. It is beautiful and detailed step by step instruction in proper English (better than mine lol)

via the Peaceful Mom

     I feel that my entire generation is little lost. Many of my friends are walking this beautiful earth wondering what to be when they grow up. I am part of that group. We hear that we could be anything we want - could that be a problem?  

In any case, there are couple of things that I want. I will start with these. And go from there. 

I have a question: how did you find what it is that you want to be when you grow up? Please comment below.


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